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Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast

All's well that ends.

Dec 24, 2014


One Less To Go

Try these on for sighs.

  • Eat Watchers
  • Euphamedicine
  • Eye Am Dee Bee

Dec 19, 2014

Ten More to Go!  Ten More To Go!

Then this is the 10th.

You will hear:



Bob Chong's Hong Kong Thong Cleaning

Bull Coffee

Cock Sure

A Sample or...

Dec 4, 2014


Pant or Loon?--Pant!

Bob Nugent--Bob Nugent?

Pant or Mime?--Pant!  PANT!

Stump the Mouse, Part 2: Mouse Found and Lost--When the irreplaceable little star has an unfortunate accident his handlers hustle to find a reasonable facsimile and in the end the long-shot plan comes through.  

BullitPoint--High Caliber...

Nov 20, 2014


Bueller's Other Day--imperfect attendance.

It Came I Saw--wood I lie?

That Feeling, That Filing--an early recording of Stump.

Meet Stump the Mouse--first of two parts.  You loved him on the silver screen in 'Stump Goes Native' and 'Stump It Up', on your lunch box in 'Stump the Mouse Lunch Box', on your...

Nov 2, 2014


Preview—We give you ten of these, no, not toes

Hello Tim—could be a Wrong (Foot) number

Colating—at your own risk

Flehm—something smells as good as it looks

Angry Looking—a diagnosis

Easy Street—the grass is always greener, unless the worm turns

Act Along With: Larry Derrick!—here’s...