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Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast

All's well that ends.

Jan 31, 2014

When the irreplaceable little vermin star has an unfortunate accident, his handlers hustle to find a reasonable facsimile and in the end the long-shot plan comes through.  


Brought to you by Bull Coffee

Jan 24, 2014

Hollywood's favorite live-action rodent gets the once over.

Brought to you by BullitPoint

Jan 18, 2014

This is just an estimate, but we're guessing you're going to think this is about something, but if it isn't don't blame us, we're only the messengers.  Besides, the messengers know where to get the best, right?  This time, it's blades and nothing else.  Ever do blades?  Careful, they can be SHARP, like thin sheets of

Jan 10, 2014

They're square, if not cubed, crunchy, if not toasty, or your money back.  

Jan 3, 2014

When McCarthy had nothing left, he turned to me and said it all.  I wasn't surprised.  I'd been down this path before and there was nothing on my shoes I hadn't felt before.  Nothing prepared me for this, though.   To Coin-A-Phrase, this is the Staple of