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Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast

All's well that ends.

May 30, 2012

The conclusion of the story, started in EP047.   Hot & Crispy become Hot & Spicy.  The change is not in the name. 

Foster: Do you remember George Burns and Arlene McCoy?  

Tommy Hot: You mean Gracie Allen?

Foster: And ever hear of Peter, Paul and Betsy?

Tommy Hot: No.  What are you getting at?

Foster: Sears and Roebuck?  Actually Sears never changed partners, just got rid of Roebuck.  How about Steve Lawrence and Ingrid Cooper?

Tommy Hot: What are you trying to tell me?

Foster: That sometimes you make a change that might seem unmake able at the time you make it, but in time, it’s like it never evenhappened.  Because the change was for the better.  Gracie Allen better than Arlene McCoy.  Mary, better than Betsy.  Edie Gorme, some people like her.  

Tommy Hot: So …?

Foster: So, Hot and Spicy.

Tommy Hot: Spicy?

Foster: Instead of Hot and Crispy, you’re Hot and Spicy.  

Tommy Hot: Spicy?

Foster: Spicy.  Which goes very well with Hot.

Tommy Hot: Why change his name?  Everyone knows him as Crispy?

Foster: Tommy, the change is not in his name.  The change is in the act.  Arlene McCoy is Crispy.  Edie Gorme is Spicy.  But you’re still Hot.

Tommy Hot: But –

Foster: I know, I mixed up two different acts, however, the point remains.  

Tommy Hot: You mean a different partner?  

Foster: I mean a different partner.

Tommy Hot: You mean, Crispy’s out?

Foster: I mean Crispy’s out.