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Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast

All's well that ends.

Oct 25, 2013

If Foster Valley knew what it meant, he could call himself an icon.  He’s the man behind Foster Talent, which is what it is and what it does.  He’s the man in front as well, helped only by a series of assistants he must find from a inbred pool of talent.  He can work both ends of the street and stay out of traffic at the same time.  The street being Broadway or Hollywood Boulevard or Madison Avenue or the Information Superhighway or Rue de Croissant (his favorite bakery).  His clients love him or have no other way to turn.  Either way, he says “there’s an ‘us’ in show business and that’s the two of me and you and make sure you leave a space between ‘an’ and ‘us’.”  He’s Foster Valley and we get to meet him in this show as well as one of his favorite clients, Richard Desmond, who has his standards.  It won’t be the last of Richard, because he’s in two segments and especially not Foster, who’ll be around again. 

You’ve Come to The Wrong Foot—right?

Spot On—laundry patter

Foster Talent: Merchant of Ridgedale Part 1—we meet talent agent Foster Valley and he has a gig for actor Richard Desmond that should be a great fit

Mrs. Berger Goes to the Doctor—with a pained expression 

Foster Talent: Merchant of Ridgedale Part 2—will Richard Desmond give up sew business?

AssFault—a product offer you can’t refuse