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Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast

All's well that ends.

Jul 11, 2014

"Now where you going?"

"I'm going to back-track."

"Just make the next possible left."

"When did they make this a one-way street?"

"When they put those signs with the arrows up."

"If I take Montgomery, I can pick up 42."

"There's construction on 42."

"If you take this thing off my head, maybe I can help you find your way," I said.

"Don't make me reach back there and smack you, mister!"

"That's what my father used to say when we took family trips," I said.

"Mine, too."

"Buttercup, shut up and drive."

"We're going to need gas pretty soon."

"You didn't fill it up before we left?"

"I don't like the prices at the stations in town."

"It's not your money, what do you care?"

"How long have you two been married," I asked.

"Who said we were married?"

"Shut up and drive, Buttercup, he's trying to get under our skins."

"Why would he say something like that, though?"

"I said shut up."

"I'm not asking him, Corncob, I'm asking you.  It's an odd thing to say."

"Take the next left."


"Stop questioning me and do what I tell you!"

(Brakes screech)

"Is it possible to get a seat belt buckled?  Or do you want to deliver me in pieces?"

"Didn't you buckle him in?"

"No, Buttercup, I did not buckle him in."

"I can get pulled over for that, Corncob."

"So, where we headed for, Old McDonald's farm?"

"Why did he ask that?"

"Cause he's a wise guy who wants to get smacked around."

"That can't be the real reason."

"You two sound like a couple of barn animals."

"Which ones?"

"Stop talking to him.  We should have put him in the trunk."