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Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast

All's well that ends.

May 14, 2015

Exclusive to the Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast Universe, the world premier of this three-part unfinished space saga.  It's Far Out and will never be completed, so get your flight sequence ready.  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, ... 1!

In an interstellar medium of gas dust and dark matter, a lonely traveler spins forward at hydrosonic velocity fighting wrinkles in the time continuum with payload, front load, top load and stackable.  Destiny?  Murky.  But mission steadfast.  Deliver the whitest whites and brightest colors, in the Cartugal Star Rim Cluster and Surrounding Nebulae.  It's total decontamination and no static cling aboard SkyWash … Dry 'N Fold.  

Part One:  The Sorting.

We meet the crew aboard the IGLS (Intergalactic Laundry Ship) 4219 EJ K36& 7:

Captain Frank Slipdewitch--a good man, but on the downside of an undistinguished career, torn between his loyalty to his family and 

Irona--his portable steam iron/mistress

Lt. "Little" Fluff "Too" Linten--second-in-command, fresh out of the Academy on his first voyage and not wanting to disgrace his family's name.

Mercutio 14--a washing man machine with the dream of becoming a Ned-I warrior.

Horatio AB 23--a stackable washer/dryer combination with no such ambition.

and those aboard the Command Ship:

Commander Wuwu--from the planet Wuwu, where all inhabitants are named Wuwu.  He is wise and with his third eye can see through things, however his belief in his own abilities will become a liability.

Lt. Commander Dickie Benton-BBrook--a Hyphonate, his mother a Benton, his father a Brook.  He was promoted to the Command Ship over Frank Slipdewitch and eager to prove it was not based on minority hiring policy.

At the Welkian Relay Post remote a security check point is:

Chief Petty Officer Halfley--grizzled veteran who has little patience for procedures.

Private Johnny Brightstar--young, heroic, idealist, sworn allegiance to defending the inhabitants of the Cartugal Star Rim Cluster and Surrounding Nebulae (i.e., the good guys) and

Nikey--a sexually ambiguous ICBM, once part of the Cold War Nuclear Arms Defense system, converted into a emergency personal transport system befriended by Johnny Brightstar.


Taboolia--an evil confederation of warring tribes that thrives on absorbing the atmosphere of peaceful planetary systems for their own personal pleasure via terror tactics.  The Taboolian language is adverbian in structure.