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Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast

All's well that ends.

May 22, 2015

Captain's Quarters, IGLS (Intergalactic Laundry Ship) 4219 EJ K36& 7

My dear Mishaga,

     I write this with the last ink of my space pen.  You know the one that writes upside down?  It never ceases to amaze or amuse me when I lie on my back and see the words appear on my Captain Midnight Space Tablet.  

     I used to laugh at you for stalking those porch sales.  It's nothing but junk from past civilizations, I said.  But I'm not laughing now.  It my most treasured possession.  Like the ink that flows up out of my pen, so do the tears from my eyes as I lie in my bunk knowing you are safe at home with our pets.

     How is Beeny?  Does he still bite off his tail?  And has Cecil learned to use the urinal yet?  I had my doubts about getting an Orangadoodle.  Frankly, just wasn't a big fan of cross breeding, even though I married you, my little hydrid human home entertainment center.  I'm sure he gives you the companionship you deserve.  The companionship I will never be able to.  

     I promised myself I wouldn't burden you with morose musings.  I need to follow the advice I give my crew, to be brave, to be loyal and to take no quarters from the enemy.  They jam the coin slots.

Your Man in Space Always,


Frank D. Slipdewitch, Capt.