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Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast

All's well that ends.

Lydia Linda Lorna Inks Indelible Deal for the Wrong Foot

Oct 26, 2011

You loved her in "Get a Load of Her!"  Right?  You liked her in "Miss Her, Mister?" Didn't you?  If memory serves, you still liked her in "Still Miss Her, Mister?"  And then you said, 'What ever happened to Lydia Lynda Lorna?'  And when nobody answered, you went on with your life.  Well, LLL went on with hers until her agent Foster Valley had his assistant get her on the phone, because he had a something cooking for which she'd be delicious.  Not his assistant, who would only be a little tasty.  

Lydia Linda Lorna doesn't have a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.  But as her agent Foster Valley said, 'She always had great feet.'  Now you and your loved ones will get the opportunity to bear witness to the biggest comeback story since 1983, in the Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast's presentation of Star Grazing.   It's a four-part mini-series that takes you behind the scenes of show business wheeling, dealing and some mealing.   It shows how stars of yesterday can have another today or two before tomorrow comes.  Without giving too much away, think of it as 'Sunset Boulevard' meets 'Country Buffet.'  

Due to a clause in her contract, Lydia is only talked about in the third person in the first part, called Star Grazing Part 1, which comes in the beginning of the second part of Episode 14, Wrong Foot Lydia.  But it will whet your appetite for more.  And we know how you like to pack it away.

So sit up straight and enjoy.  An 18% gratuity is added for parties of 6 or more.  Feel free to toss down a few more.  Coins, that is.