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Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast

All's well that ends.

Oh, Daughter, you drive like a son.

Jan 18, 2012

She planted herself two seats from my station.  Eyes like jade formed a precious triangle with her ruby lips, framed perfectly by her high cheeks and auburn hair that fell like feathers when set free from the kerchief.  I’d seen it all before, just wasn’t sure where.     When she opened her trench coat and let it fall over the back of her seat, all those eyes shifted to her chassis which featured all the options.  

The Breezy Inn cocktail lounge had turned into a showroom and just about everyone wanted to kick her tires.  

"A Cockeyed Chinaman, please."

The bartender poured a hot cup of tea and added two jiggers of gin.

"I haven't seen one of those since the English left Hong Kong."

"The English left Hong Kong?  How sad?"

"It's always sad when Colonial empires have to look in their rear view mirrors to see how mighty they were."

"Why look back at all?  It takes all the fun out of hitting and running."

"And how do you like your Buick?"

"I like it with the windows open and the speedometer needle way over to right.  How do you like my Buick?"

"I only saw it from the rear."

"Like Hong Kong saw the English."

"They were waiting for that view."

"Maybe you should see the view from the front?"

"Aimed I me?"

"That might be fun, but not as much fun as testing the brakes on Mistake Mountain."