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Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast

All's well that ends.

May 30, 2012

The conclusion of the story, started in EP047.   Hot & Crispy become Hot & Spicy.  The change is not in the name. 

Foster: Do you remember George Burns and Arlene McCoy?  

Tommy Hot: You mean Gracie Allen?

Foster: And ever hear of Peter, Paul and Betsy?

Tommy Hot: No.  What are you getting at?

Foster: Sears and Roebuck?...

Net Effect

May 29, 2012

The moon goes swish!

May 23, 2012

Talent Agent Foster Valley meets with his favorite ventriloquist partnership, Hot & Crispy, to deliver some news that might make at least one member of the team insecure and the other insignificant.   Part one of two.

Preparing for the meeting:

Foster: Go put your name tag on and finish setting up the...

Eat. Prey. Toe.

May 16, 2012

Should I first eat one and then the other or the other way around?