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Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast

All's well that ends.

Nov 29, 2013

Look What Happened to My Wrong Foot—what happened to your wrong foot?

The King—is surrounded by towns and sycophants

Foster Talent: Star Grazing Part 1—Talent agent Foster Valley wants to take his loveliest client to lunch so he can serve up what he thinks is good news.

Mr. French Goes to the Doctor—who serves...

Nov 20, 2013

All Rise   1:56
O Oh Owe   0:50
On The Wall 2:19
Numb Lock 2:11
Gentle Reminder

Nov 15, 2013

Wrong Fook Wrong Foot—deliver us from confooshun

Daddy Dropped Something—and he doesn’t want to pick it up

The Happy Hotspice: Final Words Again—what was the last thing I said?

Sleep Replaced By Words—slumber

Nov 8, 2013

Hello Tim—could be a Wrong (Foot) number

Colating—at your own risk

Flehm—something smells as good as it looks

Angry Looking—a diagnosis

Easy Street—the grass is always greener, unless the worm turns

Act Along With: Larry Derrick!—here’s your chance to co-star with a real actor

Kens Keyboards—so qwerty,...

Nov 1, 2013

WrongFoot Navy—an honor to serve

Marshall Brody—Western theme

Foster Talent: Larry Derek Part 1—Foster gives a client a chance to get some exposure

Spraythewalk—no spaces tween words means itz what it iz

Acapulco Accapella—the sea, the surf, the sound of the 50s

Foster Talent: Johnny Lang—Foster gives a...