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Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast

All's well that ends.

Sep 30, 2014

Mack gives up half of his computing power for the hand held device he loves.  And in the end, he is less than the sum of his and her parts combined.  Sort of a self-inflicted obsolescence, you could say. 

Sep 26, 2014

As we wind down the old Wrong Foot, we'll be playing classic episodes in their entirety as they were first aired.   This show was first aired in March 2012.  Later in December, the motion picture "Her" opened.

This is the story of Mac.  He was born a personal notebook computer from a small town in another part of the...

Sep 18, 2014

When Mr. Golden checked in to The Happy Ho(t)Spice, he had no intention of leaving before check-out time, following his last meal and final words, again.

Sep 11, 2014

The Happy Hotspice was once just a hospice, but now it's about to become something else.  Why?  Listen for the answers.  

Sep 5, 2014

Say Goodbye to the Toll Guys

"Changed"—In the last installment of this mini-series, Rocky makes his getaway plan by cutting through corporate red tape, while Roger goes with gelt.


Bonus track of Roger and Rocky explaining things.